Frequently Asked Questions

1) What's up with the ruler in all the pictures?

The ruler is shown in all of the pictures so you can have a visual scale of the fabric design size. Keep the scale in mind when selecting your fabric. Some of the very large fabric designs will not be the best choices for the Extra Small and Small  sized bandanas.


2) Why do you say you will select the best shade of the thread color I indicate?

What that means is that on your order form, BLUE is the only choice for thread color. We have approximately 25 different shades of blue thread ranging from Baby Blue to Navy Blue. We will be sure to select a shade of blue that coordinates with the fabric you choose.


3) Can I choose a thread color that is not listed as a recommended color for the fabric shown?

Of course! You may always choose any thread color you like for the bandana, however some thread colors will be more difficult to see. Our recommendations are based upon maximum legibility and visibility for the name.